Jenner By The Sea
10400 Coast Route 1
Jenner, CA, California, 95450, United States

The Jenner Inn

Jenner Inn By The Sea is located on Coast Highway One in Jenner California. Managing Innkeepers provide lodging with warm gracious hospitality and service. Our Twenty-one individually decorated rooms, suites and cottages offer a variety of different amenities. Some of our rooms are dog-friendly. All sleeping beds are queens with the exception of four king beds. Cell phone coverage is unavailable in our area. We do not have TV's and WIFI is available in some of our rooms and cottages.

Mystic Landing

The Mystic Landing offers waterfront rooms and suites. Ask about renting these rooms together to create a perfect setting for your retreats, workshops and events!

camelot camelot1 camelotview

Camelot Suite

The Camelot is a sumptuous deluxe suite featuring a king-size bed and a marble fireplace.

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avalon2 Avalon-deck--view-web Avalon Bath; bluer water sky

Avalon Room

The Avalon is a cozy romantic room with exquisite views.

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lancelot2 lancelot1_lg View from Lancelot

Lancelot Studio

The Lancelot is an elegant spacious suite featuring a king-size bed.

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joe jenner inn 1 012 joe jenner inn b 052 Merlin-interior-with-view View from deck-Merlin & Xanadu-web

Merlin Room

The Merlin is a waterfront hideaway with corner windows and superb sunset views over the river and ocean.

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Xanadu Room

The Xanadu is a beautiful secluded room with filtered river water views.

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Mystic Annex

The Mystic Annex waterfront rooms are cozy western style rooms with wood interiors. Ask about renting these rooms together to create a perfect setting for your family functions, business or wellness retreats!

grey View from decks-Harbor Seal & Gray Whale

Grey Whale Room

The Greywhale is a spacious romantic mountain chalet style room eluding too a mix of adventure and romance.

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harbor-seal harborseal2 View from decks-Harbor Seal & Gray Whale

Harbor Seal Room

The Harborseal is a sun-filled corner room with fabulous sunset views.

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River Otter Room

The River Otter room has garden views and wood interiors. Enjoy the nearby waterside patio.

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River House

The River House features waterfront rooms and suites. Ask about renting these rooms together to create a perfect setting for your family functions, business or wellness retreats!

pelican-room joe jenner inn 1 039 209 various pictures Pelican 118

Pelican Suite

The Pelican suite offers panoramic views from its bay windows from the kitchen and large sitting area.

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joe jenner inn 1 025 joe jenner inn 1 033 Summer over river

Gull Room

The Gull is a cozy room by the water with a sitting area.

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joe jenner inn 1 047 joe jenner inn 1 054 View from River House (Gull, Heron, Pelican)

Heron Room

The Heron is a charming room that shares a large deck with the Gull Room and Pelican suite.

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Rosebud Studio

joe jenner inn 1 004 View from Rosebud

Rosebud Studio

The Rosebud is a private waterfront studio with a rose-covered balcony and panoramic views of the river and the ocean.

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Jenner House

The Jenner House comfortable creek side rooms and suites - Ask about renting the rooms together for your family functions or holiday events!

joe jenner inn b 022 joe jenner inn b 011

Captain Will Jenner Suite

The Captain Will Jenner Suite is a warm suite with a nautical flair and wood paneling throughout.

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Elijah rm w-view joe jenner inn b 003

Elijah Jenner Room

The Elijah Jenner Room is a sweet room with a small sun porch and a river view.

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joe jenner inn 1 078

Charles Jenner Room

The Charles Jenner Room is a small quaint room without a view.

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Fanny-Jewel fanny jewell

Fanny Jewell Room

The Fanny Jewel Room is a spacious room that has a large sitting area and a private garden patio.

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rosewater rosewater Rosewater-from-river-enhanced-web rosewater

Rosewater Cottage

The Rosewater is a true honeymoon cottage with a romantic private setting at waters edge.

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mill cottage2 mill cottage3 Mill cottage 1 joe jenner inn b 037

Mill Cottage

The Mill Cottage is located on a terraced hillside overlooking our private meadow and grotto. This is our lovely and secluded country cottage.

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tree house Treehouse-shot-from-deck-(2)

Treehouse Cottage

The Tree House is a whimsical rustic cottage that is nestled among the trees with meadow and water views.

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Pomo Creek Cottage

033 046 049 Honeysuckle-Patio_View

Honeysuckle Room

The Honeysuckle is a cute suite with views of the river and the Jenner village.

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Brambleberry Room

The Brambleberry room enjoys a warm southern exposure with a bit of a view of the Russian River and Pacific Ocean. The Brambleberry hot tub is out of service.

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